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Uber and Lyft Accident Signed Cases

Uber and Lyft are defendants in many types of lawsuits, but personal injury attorneys target them due to vehicle accidents and attacks on passengers by drivers. These companies, which provide rides by independent contractor drivers in their personal vehicles arranged through internet apps, are defendants in thousands of lawsuits. If these legal claims are a good fit for your firm, ZeroRisk Cases® can help.

ZeroRisk Cases® goes beyond marketing. We don’t cover the internet with ads and make the best of bad responses.  We use AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting, which creates exclusive Uber and Lyft leads from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and data mining using our proprietary software.

Our behavioral targeting places effective advertising in front of people actively tracked as they do things online consistent with someone who had an incident involving Uber or Lyft (like filing a police report, going to physical therapy websites, auto insurance claims pages to file a claim, etc.).

Uber and Lyft Put Passengers’ Health and Safety at Risk

Uber released a safety report in 2019 covering 2017 and 2018. According to the company, there were 107 fatalities in Uber-related traffic accidents, and 16 of them were drivers. Two-thirds of the victims were inside vehicles, and nearly all the rest were pedestrians. The report didn’t include information on injuries caused during Uber rides. During these years, there were 19 fatal physical assaults involving 18 incidents and 5,981 reported sexual assaults where more than half of the victims were passengers.

Lawsuits against Uber related to sexual assaults include claims of negligence and deceptive business practices for advertising that they provide safe rides despite their knowledge of a pattern of sexual assaults over the years and not taking steps to protect passengers. Uber is faulted for insufficient driver background checks and failing to monitor drivers. There are similar lawsuits against Lyft.

Since rideshare companies started operating in US cities in 2016, there’s been an increase of about 2% to 4% in fatal accidents and fatalities of motor vehicle occupants and pedestrians where the companies do business, according to a study published in 2018 by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Both companies provide driver’s insurance coverage. Uber has $1,000,000 in third-party liability insurance to cover accidents when the driver is picking up a passenger and during the ride. Lyft does the same. Drivers may have their own insurance to cover these accidents as well.

Lyft drivers made about 64 million paid trips in 2019 worldwide. Uber had an estimated customer base across the globe of about 91 million people in 2018. Uber has more than 3 million active drivers, while Lyft has about 1.4 million.

Both companies are responsible for millions of trips in the US annually. The chances are very good that over time there will be lawsuits in your area (especially if you’re in an urban area) involving these companies due to negligence or intentional acts.

How ZeroRisk Cases® Can Help Build Your Rideshare Accident Practice

Whether you want these cases to supplement your personal injury caseload or you’d like them to be a major part of your client base, ZeroRisk Cases® can help you and your firm reach your goals. Due to our cutting-edge AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting, we will generate a consistent volume of exclusive leads each month to your firm.

Why will ZeroRisk Cases® work for you?

  • Campaigns are easily scaled up
  • Since our leads are pre-qualified, you won’t waste your time with people you’ll never represent
  • All contact information is confirmed
  • Prospective clients are in the market for a rideshare attorney, so time and money aren’t wasted on ineffective marketing
  • EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR TARGET MARKET (statewide only at this time)

ZeroRisk Cases® goes beyond traditional lead generation and marketing. If you want to leverage the latest technology to boost your bottom line and increase your market share, contact us today at 833-937-6747.

How the Process Works

How do we get clients to your firm?

We start with effective, well-placed advertising and end with Uber and Lyft clients for your firm:

These leads are exclusive to your firm, and the prospect is in the market, looking for an attorney.

Take the Next Step and Get Signed Clients

Our Signed Uber and Lyft Cases are unmatched in quality and attention to detail when it comes to providing high-value clients for your firm. Our unique programs are designed for personal injury lawyers seeking the highest quality rideshare cases.

All our leads go through a pre-qualification filtering process where they tell us they:

  • were in a rideshare accident or incident involving a driver
  • they did not hire an attorney for this incident
  • they were in an accident and sustained a bodily injury (taken to ER or have been examined by a medical professional for their injury complaint within 5 days post-accident)
  • they were not at fault
  • the at-fault party has commercial insurance coverage
  • they provide a description of their accident/injury and any treatment, etc.
  • there is a police report available (police or other governing authority, arrived at the scene of the accident)
  • the date of the accident and it is within 3 months
  • receive medical attention WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE ACCIDENT for any injury resulting from the accident
  • they have not received any settlement for their bodily injury claim

Want to Spend Your Resources Finding Clients or Working for Them?

We limit the number of law firms we work with and we create excellent client relationships by supplying clients for years to come. ZeroRisk Cases® offers personal service and small introductory orders without contracts. You should work with us because of the quality of our results, not due to a contractual obligation.

Do the math. What’s the cost of dealing with all the wasted leads and signed cases you purchased from other vendors? You’ll soon find our procedures bring the greatest value to your law firm. We will do all the work finding the highly qualified client you receive. You represent them and earn your fee.

Our Signed Personal Injury Cases are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail when it comes to finding high-value plaintiffs for your firm.

Get started before your competitors do. There are only so many clients we can serve.



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