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Working in the construction industry is a hazardous job. Whether it’s demolition, repairs, renovation, or new construction, there can be a thin line between a dangerous and a safe work site. If you’re interested in clients with construction accident cases, ZeroRisk Cases® can get your firm the clients it needs to make this practice area a success.

Construction accident cases could involve substantial verdicts and settlements

Construction accident cases can be complex and result in substantial jury awards and settlements. NJ Property Casualty 360 lists the top construction accident cases so far in the 21st Century:

  • In 2003 Tropicana Casino and Resort parking garage collapsed, killing four and injuring 36. The eighth level collapsed down into the fifth while workers were on the structure, trapping several workers. Several defendants were sued and, not surprisingly, blamed each other. The case settled for $101 million
  • Two men worked at the site of a 34-story building. One man was on the ground, and the other operated a freestanding tower crane. The crane broke off its supporting turntable and collapsed. The operator fell more than 200 feet, and the worker on the ground was trapped beneath the crane’s wreckage. Both suffered fatal injuries. Before the accident, an inspection revealed a large crack along the crane’s turntable, and the New York City Department of Buildings’ suspended the crane’s use. The companies that welded the turntable and that inspected the welds were sued. They impleaded the deceased’s employer claiming it negligently failed to ensure the crane’s structural integrity. The case settled for $95,971,644
  • A 20-year-old construction worker suffered paraplegia after diving headfirst into one-foot-deep water. He was waiting for a seawall to harden when his boss and co-workers said they’d pay him to jump off of a bridge into freezing water. He dove, head first, from 10 feet above the river into the shallow water. The worker suffered quadriplegia and sued his employer for negligence. He was awarded $76,647,544
  • Several tons of scaffolding fell from 100 feet above the street from the John Hancock building in Chicago, killing two and injuring several others. The National Weather Service issued a high-wind advisory on the day of the accident. A gust of wind tore a piece of scaffolding off the building, it landed on a car, killing two occupants and injuring two others. Another person was injured while trying to rescue the victims trapped in the vehicle. Two occupants of another crushed car were also injured. Several companies were sued. The plaintiffs claimed the scaffolding should have been lowered to the ground or raised to the roof in high winds. Instead, it was left on the side of the building. The case settled for $75,200,000
  • A laborer on a construction site was removing machinery, forcing him to slide under the building. A train passed the site, the ground vibrated, and the 11,000-pound building shifted on top of him, causing several serious injuries. His employer, the general contractor, and the sub-contractor in charge of the project were sued. He alleged the site was not properly prepared for the job, and neither the contractor nor the sub-contractor had the necessary permits before starting the work. The defendants were found to be at fault. The $64,500,000 verdict was cut to $9,675,000 due to comparative negligence.
  • A worker employed by a demolition company worked on a stadium being torn down. He operated a front-end loader used to catch debris from concrete pillars being demolished above. The loader fell off the side of the stadium, down four stories to the ground. The worker suffered fatal injuries. The original plans called for six inches of pillars to be cut at a time. The general contractor, facing financial penalties for finishing the project late, increased the size to 2.5 feet. The loader was catching debris striking it with about 15,000 pounds of force, but it was rated for 2,700 pounds. The deceased worker also wasn’t certified to operate the loader. The jury verdict for the plaintiff’s estate was $55,834,971.

Attracting construction accident cases the easy way

How do you compete against other firms to get quality, profitable construction accident cases? You hire ZeroRisk Cases®.

A key to a law firm’s profitability is controlling costs.

  • Mass media advertising campaigns are very expensive. They may result in no new cases.
  • Internet and social media marketing are more focused, but it’s costly. If you want to rank highly in search engine results, you’ll be engaging in protracted search engine optimization and content marketing battles with possibly dozens of other law firms.

Avoid these hassles and the expense of potentially fruitless marketing and advertising campaigns and connect to potential clients ready, willing, and able to retain your services. Instead of placing bets in a marketing and advertising gamble, hoping you’ll get clients, use our service to deliver leads to your firm.

We put our energy and expertise into obtaining the highest quality leads for you.

We focus our advertising efforts on TV, radio, organic SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Google Maps, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram, but depending on your ideal client profile, we may turn to other platforms. Unlike other case acquisition agencies, we have experience with a number of different ad platforms, so we can use just the right one to get the job done. We focus on mobile marketing, utilizing Voice Search, to capture some of the best and highest-converting leads.

We also use remarketing and behavioral targeting in our lead-generation campaigns. Remarketing and behavioral targeting allow us to target the right people at the right time with the right message to get them on the phone.

Our latest technology utilizes our proprietary software that enables us to data mine information through third-party vendors, resulting in cases where leads have been matched with their medical histories, diagnosis, drug prescription, and treatments with exposure or usage of a caustic drug or chemical.  This significantly reduces the cost of acquisition and provides a much higher value to our attorney clients; one that has proof of accident; proof of diagnosis; and proof of treatment.


We limit the number of law firms we work with so it’s critical to us that we create very solid client relationships and provide clients for them for years to come. We are very responsive and offer small intro orders for leads without contracts. We want you to work with us because of the quality of our leads, not due to a contractual obligation.

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