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Technology can save you time and effort, allowing you to be more productive and profitable. Over the centuries, many tools have come and gone. They helped build economies and develop societies. Today a tool with the potential to massively change modern life is artificial intelligence (AI). ZeroRisk Cases® uses AI to make gathering leads more effective and efficient, potentially providing you with more clients in less time.

AI allows computers to behave in ways we previously thought needed human intelligence. Most AI programs focus on specific tasks. It can recognize faces, transcribe audio, and organize content on social media.

AI is automating the mental equivalent of swinging a hammer or stuffing envelopes all day. Multiple, repetitive mental tasks can be combined to help users become more productive. Machine learning is used to train computer models with huge amounts of samples. An algorithm analyzes and finds patterns then develops its behavior. Deep learning, a kind of machine learning, has become very popular. It’s able to process unstructured data to develop ways to make complex decisions.

You may have heard that AI is doing everything from helping forecast the weather, puts the “smart” in smart home devices, banking, and internet security. ZeroRisk Cases® uses AI, machine, and deep learning to verify a lead’s contact information, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number. We still rely on staff, who go through our intake questionnaire with a prospect while using AI to verify and supplement the information we receive.

Our platform finds the person’s online footprint, including contact information, email addresses, and other useful information the internet can provide. Our system helps ensure the information we send to you is accurate. Prospects haven’t always given us valid contact information in the past, so we developed this technology to help you and us avoid wasting time.

With an assist from AI, you won’t call wrong phone numbers or send emails that can’t be delivered. You or your staff will be more productive and do more, helping make your firm more profitable.

AI also helps us persuade prospects to contact us. If he or she is searching for online information concerning a legal claim, AI can help us show advertising across all channels and devices, which may result in a quick response.

How do you compete against other firms to get cases that can result in substantial settlements? You hire ZeroRisk Cases®. Avoid all these hassles and budget-busting marketing and advertising. Connect to potential clients ready, willing, and able to retain your services. We use our energy and expertise to obtain the highest quality leads for our clients. We use highly sophisticated marketing and advertising campaigns, with a little help from AI, so you won’t have to.

Get started before your competitors do. We can help a limited number of clients.




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