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Bicycle accidents may be common in your area. These riders, and the family members of those killed, could be a big boost to your personal injury practice. Competition for good bike injury cases is fierce and your competition may spend astronomical amounts on advertising. How do you compete? You get qualified leads and signed clients from ZeroRisk Cases®.

ZeroRisk Cases® isn’t about marketing, we deliver clients to our customers. We won’t go off the deep end by covering the internet with ineffective ads then sift through countless responses from people who will never be your clients.  We use AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting to create exclusive bicycle accident leads from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and data mining thanks to our proprietary software.

ZeroRisk Cases® behavioral targeting puts the right ads in front of those actively tracked because they’re doing things online that are consistent with someone who suffered a bicycle (like filing a police report, going to physical therapy websites, auto insurance claims pages to file a claim, etc.).

Bicyclists Can Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Get to Work Without a Car, But That Freedom Comes With Risks

What makes bicycling enjoyable makes it risky. You’re not enclosed in a plastic, glass, and metal container. You enjoy the outdoors while being part of it, not sealed off from it. That lack of protection makes conflicts with vehicles potentially deadly, especially when drivers are distracted, indifferent, or hostile to bike riders. Accident victims often suffer high-value injuries, including ones that are fatal and involve the head and brain.

More than 1,000 bicyclists were killed in accidents and there were almost 467,000 bicycle-related injuries in 2015 in the US, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That figure dropped to 846 by 2019, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Just over half of those killed in bike accidents weren’t wearing helmets, reports the National Safety Council. A third of non-fatal bicyclist injuries involve the head. Most cycling-related head injuries treated in emergency departments annually are brain injuries.

Most injuries happen to the upper or lower extremities, followed by the head, face, abdomen or thorax, and neck, according to an article in American Family Physician. Head injuries are suffered by 22% to 47% of injured bicyclists, often due to crashes with motor vehicles. They’re responsible for more than 60% of all bicycle-related deaths and most long-term disabilities.

If your practice is in or near an urban area with warmer temperatures, you’ll probably get more bike accident cases. In and around cities are where 71% of cyclists’ deaths in 2016 occurred, while the rest happened in rural areas, according to Cycling How. All but one of the most dangerous cities for cyclists (Dayton, OH) are located in warmer areas of the country, reports CarInsurance.Org.

The most dangerous roads in 2016, where 44% of those deaths happened, were urban arterial roads (high-capacity streets bringing traffic from collector roads to freeways). Most of those killed were older than 40.

The most common type of fatal accident (40%) involved a single vehicle rear-ending the bicycle. Most of these deaths involved collisions with light trucks (88%), while collisions with passenger vehicles resulted in the most injuries (75%).

How ZeroRisk Cases® Can Help Build Your Bicycle Accident Practice

Whether these accidents will supplement your PI caseload or they’ll be an important part of your practice, ZeroRisk Cases® can help you reach your goals. Our cutting-edge AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting generates a consistent volume of exclusive leads each month for your firm.

  • Unique Marketing programs designed especially for Personal Injury attorneys seeking the highest quality bicycle accident signed cases
  • AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting, Identity Resolution, and Machine Learning (AI) are used to identify prospects, in real-time, who are actively in pursuit of a lawyer to represent them AND along with our proprietary data mining software, generate exclusive bicycle accident signed cases
  • The AI-based behavioral targeting puts the ads in front of people that are actively being tracked as doing things online consistent with a claimant. (ex. filed police reports, went to physical therapy websites, etc.)
  • The result is we can generate a consistent volume of exclusive signed cases each month
  • We can scale campaigns easily
  • All our leads go through pre-qualification filtering
  • EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR TARGET MARKET (statewide only at this time)
  • All lead contact info is confirmed using our Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP)
  • These prospective clients are already In Market

These prospective clients seek legal representation due to a bicycle accident attorney, so you’re not wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn’t provide results.

All our leads go through a pre-qualification filtering process where they indicate:

  • they did not hire an attorney for this incident
  • they were in an accident and sustained a bodily injury (taken to ER or have been examined by a medical professional for their injury complaint within 5 days post-accident)
  • they were not at fault
  • the at-fault party has insurance coverage
  • they provide a description of their accident/injury and any treatment, etc.
  • there is a police report available (police or other governing authority, arrived at the scene of the accident)
  • the date of the accident and it is within 3 months
  • receive medical attention WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE ACCIDENT for any injury resulting from the accident
  • they have not received any settlement for their bodily injury claim
  • The VERIFIED LEAD is then processed
  • Our intake specialists verify the lead using our proprietary AI program.
  • Campaign to Campaign-no long-term contracts.

Take the Next Step and Get Signed Clients

Our Signed Bicycle Cases are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail. Our unique programs are designed for personal injury lawyers seeking the highest quality bicycle accident cases.

Want to Spend Your Resources Finding Clients or Working for Them?

We limit the number of law firms we work with, so we create excellent client relationships by supplying clients for years to come. We are very responsive to your needs and offer you small intro orders for leads without contracts. We want you to work with us because of the quality of our leads, not due to a contractual obligation.

Do the math. What’s the cost of dealing with all the wasted leads and signed cases you purchased from other vendors? You’ll soon find our procedures bring the greatest value to your law firm. We will do all the work finding the highly qualified bicycle accident client you receive. You represent them and earn your fee.

Why You Should Select Us As Your Personal Injury Acquisition Agency

Want signed clients?

Our Signed Personal Injury Cases are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail when it comes to finding high-value plaintiffs for your firm.

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